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Video Compression

Venaka_Products_Banner VTG provides video coder solutions according to customer specifications. Relevant work relates to highly specialized scalable video coding technology for surveillance applications.

Cloud Computing

im2 Addressing issue related to interactive real-time media streaming applications in the cloud. VTG is also developing techniques for efficient and near-optimal resource allocation and task scheduling.

Media Analytics for Security Applications

overt-bullet-camera VTG has significant high-tech expertise in the fields of security and surveillance video. In this area VTG is currently cooperating with large players including Scotland Yard (UK), Engineering (IT) United Technologies (USA) and Huawei (Germany).

Web Applications

21 Exploiting an agile-system approach as used by forward-looking SME software developers. VTG competence in the field is underpinned by highly qualified and experienced programmers, dealing with the development of multimedia and web applications tailored to the specific needs of its customers. The development of Web applications plays an important role in the company’s software developments. Its product-oriented competency addresses end-to-end multimedia systems, large scale databases and social computing.

Surveillance Centric coding image of keyboard

Surveillance Centric coding

End-to-End Multimedia Communications image of four hands conecting

End-to-End Multimedia Communications