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£1.25m Competition: ‘Seeing more than before – emerging imaging technologies’

tsb-campaign-222x160 The Technology Strategy Board is investing up to £1.25m in feasibility studies to bring emerging imaging technologies closer to commercial use, a competition that is particularly relevant to the design and computer games communities.

This competition will support projects that could enable richer, more wide-ranging information to be gained from imaging, creating new applications and value propositions, with the potential to disrupt existing markets.

The competition is for “significant advances or breakthroughs, leading to higher speed, reduced noise, wider dynamic range, higher resolution, greater efficiency, wider field, extended bandwidth, higher information content or lower cost.” Projects must be collaborative and business-led, and the competition is open to all UK-based companies and research organisations.

The TSB funds feasibility studies in pre-industrial research, in which a business partner will attract up to 65% public funding of their project costs (75% for SMEs). The projects could last up to 12 months, with total costs of up to £150k per project.

Key dates

Competition opens: 3rd February 2014 Deadline for registration: Noon, 26th March 2014 Application deadline: Noon, 2nd April 2014

Application details

Details of the call and how to apply can be accessed from the Technology Strategy Board website.

Briefing Events

The ESP KTN has worked with the Technology Strategy Board to organise several information and networking events throughout the country. Each of the events will have a pitching session that allows organisations to promote their project and expertise and to seek partners for the call.