Venaka TReleaf

Venaka TReLeaf GbR

Venaka TReLeaf GbR (VTG) is a SME specializing in the development and provision of software and hardware for ecological applications. In particular, the objective of the company is to develop computer vision-based services for the promotion of social and ecological awareness, forest protection and reforestation support. By exploiting modern software and hardware technologies together with open middleware platforms, VTG engineers have successfully delivered several commercial applications and platforms that fulfil projects and customers’ requirements. VTG technology is a result of extensive R&D activities performed in cooperation with well-known academic research teams. The product-oriented core competencies of VTG include expertise in developing applications across several platforms including mobile applications and front-end system design.


Cloud Computing

Addressing issue related to interactive real-time media streaming applications in the cloud.


Video Compression

VTG provides video coder solutions according to customer specifications.


Media Analytics for Security Applications

VTG has significant high-tech expertise in the fields of security and surveillance video.


Web Applications

VTG competence in the field is dealing with the development of multimedia and web applications tailored to the specific needs of its customers.